717 Parking Enterprises Hires Greg Ciaccio as Director of Operations


TAMPA, FL (MAR 2011) – In an effort to expand and grow the company,  Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises has hired Greg Ciaccio as Director of Operations at their Corporate Headquarters

About Greg Ciaccio

Greg Ciaccio comes to Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises in 2010 after an extremely successful career in the hospitality industry encompassing over 20+ years. Starting from the ground up, Greg is no stranger to hard work as he started his career in 1988 as a room service waiter at the Fountain Bleau Hilton Hotel in Miami Beach Florida and, most recently, as a General Manager for a local Tampa Hotel Management company. From the beginning, Greg’s hard work, operational expertise, and commitment to excellence was always recognized and played a major role in his ability to lead his teams in achieving excellence and exceeding guests expectations in every aspect of his career along the way. Greg and his family are no strangers to the Parking Management business, as they owned and managed JC Parking Corporation from 1945 to 1979 in New York City, and his dad, John Ciaccio, was one of the original members of the Metropolitan Parking Association.

Reporting directly to John Accardi, Mr. Ciaccio oversees and coordinates the day-to-day operations of Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises. He enforces the operational policies, objectives and initiatives on a national level and is responsible for strategic planning and execution to enhance profitability, productivity and efficiency throughout the company’s operations. Additionally, Mr. Ciaccio collaborated on the development and implementation of 717-HIT, an intensive training program that focuses on customer service and client satisfaction.

About Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises

Founded in 1990, Seven One Seven Parking Enterprise’s unique management style and approach to hospitality parking has firmly placed them at the forefront of the industry.  As a national leader providing valet parking, shuttle transportation, parking management, and porter services, Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises is committed to exceeding the hospitality goals of facilities across the nation. Whether assisting with front door needs, concierge, porter, parking, or ground transportation, their goal is to create an immediate positive impression. For additional information, please visit http://www.717parking.com.

“Being in this business for over 20 years, I am more than happy to welcome someone as experienced and talented as Greg to be part of our Executive Management Team,” John Accardi, Vice President of Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises, claims, “I have known Greg Ciaccio for a very long time and excited at the opportunity to work daily side by side with him in an effort to really maximize our Operations Department and help our company continue to grow.”

For additional inquiries about Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises, please contact:
Jim Andre, National Sales Manager, 800.310.PARK, jandre@717parking.com


About 717 Parking
We are a national leader in valet parking, shuttle services, and parking management for corporate events, private party events, restaurants, hotels, country clubs, parking lots, malls, shopping centers, anywhere and enjoy learning about the industry, trends and environment!

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