Going Green! Electric Vehicle Charging Stations! AND Obama’s Pledge!

717 Parking Enterprises Is Going Green And The First Private Parking Operator To Provide Electric Vehicle Charging Stations In The Bay Area AND Obama’s pledges “One Million electric vehicles by 2015”!

Coulumb Technologies has awarded 717 Parking Enterprises a total of seven vehicle charging

stations for their parking lot locations in the Downtown Tampa and surrounding area

Tampa, Florida – June 2011 – The City of Tampa won a grant to receive 100 free electric car charging stations. Coulumb Technologies has announced the expansion of its $37 million project adding 6 new cities to their ChargePoint America Program; Tampa being one of them. It is a Department of Energy project funded by the federal stimulus funds (ARRA).

Electric Car Charging Station

Electric Car Charging Station

The Tampa Downtown Partnership is exploring how best to incorporate this exciting project into the City of Tampa’s downtown infrastructure. Units must be installed in a publicly accessible place, and 717 Parking Enterprises has been awarded seven of the charging stations. 717 Parking Enterprises will be the first private parking operator to provide charging stations for electric vehicles in the Tampa Bay area. “The Tampa Downtown Partnership is dedicated to helping to bring Tampa’s downtown into the 21st century. We were thrilled to learn that 717 Parking was awarded the charging stations since they are such a large provider of downtown parking,” commented Karen Kress, Director of Transportation & Planning for the Tampa Downtown Partnership.

717 Parking Enterprises is proud to take part in an effort to continually move forwarded to a “greener” environment. 717 Parking Enterprises is providing customers with electric car charging stations at our frequently visited parking lots in the downtown and surrounding areas. The stations are being installed in the lots at the following locations:

• Maas Brothers Lot, Downtown – 610 N. Franklin Street (2 charging stations)
• Blue Ribbon Lot, Ybor City – 1423 E. 7th Avenue (2 charging stations)
• Kennedy Lot, Downtown – 407 N. Florida Avenue
• 130 Lot, Downtown/Channelside – 130 S. Florida Avenue
• Cass/Jefferson Lot, Downtown – 513 E. Cass Street

Andrew Spicknall, Operations Manager of 717 Parking Enterprises, stated: “We are very excited about this new business development, a chance to help the environment and promote electric vehicles. We have already begun the procedures for installation of these stations. I am confident this will be a positive influence on the city and hope to receive positive feedback from The Tampa Downtown Partnership as well as from our customers.”

About the Charging Stations

• Each unit can charge 2 vehicles with either a 110 or 220.
• Signage reserving each spot for “Hybrid or EV Parking Only” is encouraged until demand increases.
• Units are installed and tracked for a total of 24 months, during which time usage of the machines is free of charge.
• NovaCharge maintains and warranties the units. They are completely field tested (safe, weather proof, etc).
• Units are “smart” networked and can be customized for price variation, advertising messages, access, etc.
• ChargePoint stations are all designed, built and installed here in the US.

For more information, please see ChargePoint America Press Release: Click here.

President Obama has pledged one million electric vehicles by 2015. Click here. 









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