Vacation, Maintenance and Parking

Just what do the words in title have in common?

Just as you need a vacation to revive yourself and relax, your vehicle could use special treatment as well. All of the hard work it does transporting you from point A to B can really take a toll on your ride. While you are getting away from it all, think about giving your vehicle a little TLC as well. Below are a few tips about how you can care for your vehicle while you treat yourself.

Shiny happy paint jobs

  • Wax your vehicle, especially during the start of the summer season. This will prolong the life of your paint job. This is even more critical in hotter climates.

Dash blaster

  • Protect your dash. If parking in the sun, utilize visor sun screens that pop open and can be placed inside of your windshield along your dash board. This prevents cracks in vinyl and helps keeps leather looking its best.

A well oiled machine

  • Make sure oil is changed every time it is due. Typically it is every 3,000 miles; however, if a synthetic blend of oil is used, some cars and trucks will run longer without a change. Changing oil keeps an engine running longer.

Too much pressure

  • Check your tire pressure and don’t over or under inflate your tires. Over or under inflating your tires can decrease gas mileage by the gallon and could potentially cause a blowout.

So now that you know how to prep and pamper your vehicle for journeys near and far, here’s advice on some great places to park while you’re leaving on your own retreat.

If you are planning a cruise vacation and are in need of parking at the Port of Tampa, look no further than the lots provided by Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises. Seven One Seven offers parking at two convenient locations in Tampa.

Come park at our Goody Goody lot on 1119 N. Florida Ave. or at our brand new Union Station lot on 700 N. Nebraska Ave.  Full-service shuttles are readily available and best of all, parking is only $ 2.99 per day!

Give your vehicle a rest at a Seven One Seven lot while embarking on your own vacation destination! Check out: to reserve your spot today!

Have any questions about this post? Feel free to direct your comments or concerns this way.

~Charlene Marie


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